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Kuk Sool Won Traditional Martial Arts Classes in Claygate

Kuk Sool Won™ is a martial arts system that can help to improve fitness, confidence and concentration, relieve stress, and teach self-defence. School Owner James Barker is a 5th Degree Master Black Belt, practising in the art since 1992, and is also a fully qualified Secondary School Teacher, as is his wife Vicki, who has been training since 2007. We offer FREE taster sessions every day for all ages and abilities, from complete beginners to those with previous martial arts experience. Book your FREE taster session HERE today to have a go for yourself and join our Kuk Sool Won family.

Changing Peoples Lives…

Claygate Martial Arts Centre is a full time family-run Kuk Sool Won Dojahng in Claygate, Surrey. We pride ourselves in our modern teaching styles, with the main aim of developing individuals as martial artists and people. You can book your FREE taster session HERE.
Good luck in your journey to Black Belt and beyond - enjoy the adventure!

Our Classes

Junior Classes

All of our junior classes are age and ability (belt) specific. Each class is named after one of our Super Six characters: Tiny Tigers, Tigers, Cranes, Mini Mantis, Mantis & Dragons.
All Junior classes follow our 10-Week Learning Programme. This programme ensures that every student has covered the syllabus material for their next belt level at least twice between testings.

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Family Classes

"A Family that Kicks Together Sticks Together"

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Youth & Adult Classes

Kuk Sool Won™ is great for all-round fitness. The system of Kuk Sool Won™ incorporates a number of high intensity activities including sparring, kicking, striking, traditional forms and falling principles. Many find benefit in Kuk Sool training through the mental challenges and focus that comes with it. Kuk Sool Won™ is a self defence martial arts system. The under Black Belt syllabus covers some two hundred techniques for a number of different ‘real life’ situations.

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 Kuk Sool Won of Claygate

Claygate Martial Arts Centre
162 Hare Lane Claygate Surrey KT10 ORD
Tel: 07951286134

What People Say

"My son loved it. You have a fantastic team. He was nervous at first, but they were great. He's keen to join. Thank you"

New Parent after a Free Taster Session

"Kuk Sool has been great for my physical fitness and a great way to clear my mind from a busy work schedule. I enjoy teaching all levels and areas, especially syllabus detail to advanced students. I'm a stickler for detail! Come and train with me if you want a good work out too. I love having the opportunity to train and teach with my children, over a decade so far..."

KSN Mark Burrows (2nd Degree Black Belt, Instructor & Dad)

"I love teaching at CMAC because of the respect and kindness that students demonstrate for each other, regardless of age, ability or rank."

KSN Susan Morton (2nd Degree Black Belt, Instructor & Mum)

"PKJN James, as our instructor in the art of Kuk Sool Won™, has taught and inspired myself and my 2 children from starting out as white belt students to the proud achievement of being promoted to 1st dahn black belts in 2010. Throughout that time PKJN has been a beacon of excellence, both as a teacher and as a martial artist, and has set standards of etiquette and attitude to which all of his students should attempt to aspire. To say Kuk Sool Won™ has transformed my life and the dynamic of our family life is an under-statement."

PSBN Phil Daval-Bowden (3rd Degree Black Belt, Instructor & Dad)

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