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Testings/gradings take place every quarter and provide an opportunity for all students to demonstrate what they have learnt in class.

All testings are generally two hours, even the youngest members, and the aim is to work hard, remain spirited and keep focussed for the duration. It is amazing what can be achieved when the mind is willing.

Testings are organised similar to group classes but allow time for individual assessment. Judges make notes on what is known as well as syllabus areas that need more practice.

Testing Judges
Junior Testing

Each student receives one-to-one feedback with an instructor in class the week after testing. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to listen in.

Progress/attitude are awarded with a stripe/tab on the current belt.

Competency of the syllabus is awarded with a new belt. The more frequently a student trains the faster they will progress.


Please check out our Super Six Guide to Testings for Juniors: Testing Did you Know…

Testing Did you Know…

The next club testings will take place over the weekend of 1st to 3rd July at CMAC. Please note that as a result there will be no classes 4-7pm on Friday 1st July or 9am-12pm on Saturday 2nd July.

There will also be no classes on Sunday 3rd July because of our 15 Year Anniversary Awards Ceremony and Demonstration.

We encourage all students to test every quarter, as testings are all about giving it a go rather than achieving the next belt. Black Belts/DBNs who did the recent National Testing do not test this quarter at CMAC.

All students are ready to test if they are ready to do their best (irrespective of what they remember or how long they’ve been training)!

To apply to test, please click on the link to the relevant testing below by Friday 24th June.

Black Belts/DBNs: please also click on the testing links to let me know which testings you are able to support in by Friday 24th June. (There is a judging ticket for this).

Testing Fee (for the next colour belt): Each Belt Testing Fee covers every testing until the next full colour belt is achieved; it is only paid once. There is a “No Testing Fee Due” Ticket if no testing fee is due this time. The DBN Black Stripe/Black Belt Testing Fee is due every time. 

Yellow Belt £25, Blue Belt £35, Red Belt £45, Brown Belt £55, Black/Brown Belt £65 & DBN Black Stripe/Black Belts £15

Participants take part for the whole time slot.

Friday 1st July:
Testing 1: Junior (12 and under) DBN – 17:00-18:55
Testing 2: Adult/Youth (13+) Current White/Yellow/Blue/Red/Brown Belt – 19:00-21:00
Saturday 2nd July:
Testing 3: Junior (12 and under) Current Blue/Red/Brown Belt – 09:00-10:55
Testing 4: Junior (12 and under) Current White/Yellow Belt – 11:00-12:55 
Testing 5: Adult/Youth (13+) DBN & Black Belt – 15:00-18:00
Sunday 3rd July:
Testing 6: Junior (12 and under) Current White/Yellow Belt – 09:00-10:55
Testing 7: Junior (12 and under) Current Blue/Red/Brown Belt – 11:00-12:55