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WKSA Merchandise

Black Belt Yellow Fringe Training Uniform £94.99

This is mandatory for all Black Belts and has to be purchased through us in advance of promotion.  Payment can be made by card at CMAC or online transfer to the normal account and must be in advance of promotion. Sizing is based on height, the same as the standard Blitz Uniforms eg. 130cm.


Available to order directly from KSW UK HQ (Norwich)

The below merchandise can be purchased at WKSA Tournaments or can be ordered directly from KSW UK HQ (Norwich) through KSN Jeanette Ives on Please note that delivery is not included in the prices below.

Kuk Sool Won Text Book Volume 3 (Black Belts Only) £100

General’s Uniform Jacket £195

This is worn by Black Belts at testings, tournaments and demonstrations. It is mandatory for adult Black Belts to compete in weapons divisions and to judge/officiate at official WKSA events. Sizing is based on Waist Size in inches eg. 32. It is advised to buy bigger than actual waist size, as they are cut very tightly and to allow room for growth.

BBC Trousers £45

Dragon Trousers (Black Belts Only) £65

Instructor Uniform (Instructors Only) £95

Short Swords Set (PSBN+) £170